My Skincare Routine with Philosophy + GIVEAWAY

When it comes to beauty and makeup, I love trying new products and constantly switch things up. When it comes to my skincare routine, I am very consistent and rarely change it because I’ve found a brand and system that works really well for me. Why mess with a good thing, you know? The three products I cannot live without are all from Philosophy: Purity Made Simple, Hope in a Jar, and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash.Skincare-1

Keep reading and find out how you can WIN a set of all three products so you can try them for yourself! I’m so excited to give one of you the opportunity to become a Philosophy Girl, too! (If you’re impatient, just scroll to the bottom of this post to enter!!)

Purity Made Simple:

Purity has been my facial cleanser since I was 15  years old. Yes, 15! Any time I’ve tried another face wash sample (usually from Birchbox or Ipsy) my face reacts weirdly and often breaks out.  I always go back to Purity ASAP because there’s nothing that works better for my skin!Skincare-5

When do I use it?

Every morning and every evening. If I’m removing makeup, I cleanse twice. First, I wash off my makeup. Second, I apply Purity to my Clarisonic brush head, cleanse, and rinse.

What I LOVE:

• Melts away makeup, including anything “waterproof” without ever irritating my eyes
• Never, ever leaves my skin feeling tight or dry
• I never feel the need to use a toner because Purity balances the moisture level of my skin
• Works beautifully with my Clarisonic MIA and always removes extra impurities that I can visibly see on my brush head after cleansing- amazing proof that these work well together!
• I’ve been able to use this product morning and night for about 10 years now. No other product has remained this consistent in my beauty routine!!
• This cleanser works for everyone so my mom and brother also use this every single day, too!

Hope in a Jar Moisturizer:

Hope in a Jar helped put Philosophy on the map. Why?  Well, because it’s totally universal and can make anyone’s skin look and feel better… and who wouldn’t want that?! Even Oprah swears by this moisturizer and gave it a coveted spot in her Favorite Things!Skincare-3

When do I use it?

I moisturize after I cleanse in the morning. Sometimes, if I need the extra moisture, I will apply HIAJ after I cleanse at night.

What I LOVE:

• The formulation is lightweight and sinks in quickly
• This never causes breakouts, and I never have an issue using it over a breakout- it’s very calming for my skin
• It hydrates while exfoliating (crazy concept!) and I definitely notice a resurfacing in my skin texture when I use this daily
• It’s fighting fine lines and wrinkles- yes, please and thank you!
• I love the fresh, spa-like scent- very refreshing and I always feel like I’m pampering my skin
• It works for all skin types so I’ve been able to share this with, you guessed it, my mom and brother!Skincare-2

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash:

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash is the easiest way to exfoliate your face in one minute. I keep the giant pump in the shower and it’s so convenient to massage one pump onto my face for a minute and easily rinse it away.

When do I use it?

I love using this in the shower after my (sweaty) workout because it really takes care of oils and leaves me feeling super clean. I typically use this five times per week.

What I LOVE:

• Super fast application- I don’t always have time for a peel or a mask, but I always have 30-60 seconds to exfoliate
• It’s gentle enough that you can use it daily
• My skin feel noticeably smoother and more even overall after I use it
• The exfoliating beads do not irritate or rip up my skin at all, so I never feel raw or tight- just clean
• Unlike a lot of other scrubs, this never causes breakouts!

I purchase the super-size set of these products from QVC because of how much I use them (and because I share with my family, too!).  I also keep a smaller size of HIAJ and Purity at my sink for the sake of space, and just refill them from the large size when needed.

Yes, I’ve tried other products (some I’ve even reviewed here on the blog!) and I do incorporate other skincare on an as-needed basis, but these skincare staples will always remain.  Philosophy just works for me and I will be a Philosophy girl for life!


Here’s the FUN part: I’m giving away this set of Philosophy Skincare Favorites to one lucky winner!
This set includes:
• 2-fl-oz microdelivery exfoliating facial wash
• 2-fl-oz purity made simple facial cleanser
• 0.5-fl-oz hope in a jar moisturizer

To ENTER, just follow the directions in the Rafflecoptor widget below! The giveaway will run for two weeks and I will contact the winner when the contest is completed. They will have 48 hours to contact me with their information to claim their prize.
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Thanks for reading and entering!!!


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Disclaimer: I purchased this prize with my own money. This is NOT a sponsored post, I just really love Philosophy products!

  • Mia- MakeMeUpMia

    Entered, Philosophy is one of my favorite brands! I love the cleanser and their Take a Deep Breath is my all time favorite day time moisturizer!

    • Abby

      Yay, I love finding other “Philosophy Girls” to bond with. :) I seriously adore their line! I have never tried Take a Deep Breath but I will add that to my shopping list now!

  • Tori

    Ahh I have never tried their skin care but I think you might have give in! I always see it at Ulta and am intrigued :)



    • Abby

      Ooh, Tori, I hope you try Philosophy!! It has been my most loved brand for the longest time. Besides the skincare, I adore their fragrances and they are the only ones I will wear.

  • bittyandbunny

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! You’re so sweet. And also, thank you for the fantastically detailed review of each of these. My skin has become pretty dry lately, and I’ve been searching for a moisturizing, yet effective cleanser as well as a moisturizer. Thanks for the chance to win these – it would be the perfect way to try them out for myself :)

    • Abby

      Thank you so much Kym! I hope you get the chance to try Philosophy! It sounds like Purity might be a great cleanser choice for you. :)

  • Angela Keeley-White

    My best friend keeps telling me all about philosophy products! I really need to try it out! Fingers crossed :)


    • Abby

      Hehe, us “Philosophy Girls” can’t help but recommend it to our friends. :) I hope you try Philosophy soon because they offer so many awesome products- not just skincare but fragrance too!

  • nancy @ adore to adorn

    I’ve always wanted to try Philosophy. It’s nice to hear such rave reviews about the products! =D


    • Abby

      Thanks Nancy! I hope you get the chance to try Philosophy soon!!

  • Christina Warren

    Their stuff is AWESOME! I think they make the lotions that smell incredible? I LOVE the packaging as well! EXCELLENT PHOTOS!!!!

    • Abby

      Yes, they make fantastic fragrances and body care products… everything from Amazing Grace to delicious Cinnamon Buns! :) You are so right- the packaging is so unique and beautiful. I can spot Philosophy a mile away!!

  • Tracy O’Neill

    I’m a huge fan of their face wash! It’s so gentle on your skin.

    • Abby

      I totally agree, Tracy, it’s wonderful! :)

  • Alison Lumbatis

    You have me sold on that cleanser! My face reacts badly to just about everything I try but this sounds like it might just work for me!

    • Abby

      Ooh, I really hope it works out for you Alison! I know it can be hard to find the perfect cleanser, but Purity has been my BFF! :)

  • Mrs.AOK

    You mean I can look young and beautiful like you? I’m SO entering! Thanks!

    • Abby

      Haha, you are so sweet! :) I’m glad you entered- good luck!!

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  • Bailey

    I’m a big fan of all of the Philosophy products that I’ve tried in the past. I used to use one of their night creams called “When Hope Is Not Enough” – I haven’t been able to locate it again though, so I haven’t been able to repurchase it!

    aka Bailey

    • Abby

      They really are an amazing brand! Hmm, maybe you can find it through QVC? That’s where I purchase most of my Philosophy products.

  • Cat

    I have really been wanting to try this line out. Great giveaway!!

    • Abby

      Thanks Cat! I hope you get to try Philosophy- it’s amazing!

  • Brynn

    I’ve seen Philosophy products for years, but have never tried them out – it sounds like it’s a great brand with fantastic results…I may need to bite the bullet and try it out myself sometime!!

    • Abby

      Philosophy really seems to be a favorite of SO many people! I do hope you get the chance to try them out soon!! :) Maybe you could pick up some samples from Sephora or Ulta!